The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse

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The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse

If you suffer from any of the following symptoms, or similar conditions, you most likely have numerous gallstones in your liver and gallbladder:


  • Hemorrhoids (ริดสีดวงทวาร)
  • Impotence (ความหมดกำลัง หมดแรง)
  • Urinary Problems (ระบบปัสสาวะมีปัญหา)
  • Menstrual and Menopausal Disorders (ประจำเดือนมาไม่ปรกติ)
  • Liver Spots, especially those on back hands and facial area (รอยด่างบนผิวหนัง โดยเฉพาะบนหลังมือ และหน้า)
  • Lost of Muscle Tone (กล้ามเนื้ออ่อนแรง)
  • Puffy Eyes and Dark Color Under the Eyes (ตาบวม ตาคล้ำ)
  • Asthma (หอบ หืด)
  • Sciatica and Knee Problems (โรคปวดร้าวลงขา เข่ามีปัญหา)
  • Obesity (โรคอ้วน)
  • Sleeping Difficulty, Insomnia (นอนไม่หลับ)
  • Fatty Liver Disease (โรคไขมันพอกตับ)

The programs that are offered at Tanya Samui will benefit your health in the following ways:

  • Rejuvenation and Reversal of the Aging Process
  • Improved Digestion, Energy and Vitality
  • Freedom of Pains and Aches
  • A Disease Free Life
  • Improved Emotional Health
  • Weight Loss

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Enjoying an excellent beachfront location on Chaweng Beach, our resort offers spacious rooms, a stroll from shopping and dining spots. It has an outdoor swimming pool and free Wi-Fi.

Nestled within tropical gardens, the rooms at our resort are bright and airy with tiled floors. They all boast private balconies and air conditioning. 

Relaxation options include massages near the resort. It also offers a variety of water activities like fishing and windsurfing. Alternatively, visit the tour desk to organise excursions to local attractions.

The resort is just 10 minutes’ drive from the Bang Rak and Bophut Piers, and approximately 20 minutes’ walk from the Thai Boxing Stadium. The Samui Airport is located less than 10 km from the resort, and an airport shuttle can be arranged by request. 


It’s amazing to see what passed out from your body. Seeing is believing, it’s worthwhile experience to encounter. If you do executive check-up every year, I strongly recommend you to consider this Detox Program to compare your medical result with your own poo analysis by the teacher !

Overall, it’s a pleasant experience to learn what healthy body is about especially your own body.

All the staff here are very polite and helpful, not forgetting last but not least Important person who directs and manages the Tunya Samui Holistic Health Center, none other than Teacher Khum. My mom, 2 sisters and I are so grateful to meet you and complete the Detox program under your supervision.

Thanks a Million …

Guan Teoh

Big thank you to Lord Buddhas, Lord Jivaka, Maha Brahma Jatukum, Arjarn Kob, Arjan Kheanfa a Arjarn Khwadin and Tunya Samui Holistic Health Care Center Management & Staff.

Name: C H Keay
Country: Singapore
Sex: Male
Age: 59

10 years ago, my weight was 82.4kg and me height was 1.79m. I am a meat lover. My favourite dishes were Suckling Pig, Pork Chop, Lamb Chop & Roasted Duck Drumsticks etc. (Photo attached – Plus-sized Keay, 10 years ago)

At 54 years old (6 years ago), through meditation and reducing meat intake, I managed to reduce my weight to around 76kg. There are times when I feel discomfort and pressure in my chest area but because I was too busy with my work, I did not pay much attention to it.

In March 2016 (2 years ago), I visited the Thai Royal Temple in Bodhi Gaya India, also site of Lord Jivaka. It was the 1st time I learnt about the name of Lord Jivaka besides Lord Buddhas. (Photo attached – Lord Jivaka Site India Bodhi Gaya)

In September 2016, a friend of mine introduced Tunya to me, and the name Lord Jivaka appeared again. Thereafter, my wife and I decided to make a trip to Tunya Koh Samui.

During this special and unforgettable trip, I was very lucky to arrive at Tunya on time to save my life and changed my lifestyle for better health and better living. During the 1st briefing in Tunya’s meeting room, we met our teacher Arjarn Kob. She warned me that I have serious heart problem and prostate problem. After the meeting, I recalled that there were 3 incidents of having muscle cramp in my hands during my flight back to Singapore from a meeting in Switzerland. I did not take it seriously as I thought it was because the air-con on-board the plane was too cold. I was too ignorant, it is actually a sign of heart problem. (Photo attached – Keay 1st visit to Tunya).

My health problems started surfacing during the 2 years of my detox program with Tunya. More than 80 barrels of oil and fats were discharged from my body which other people did not have. There were even a few very big pieces of smelly dircharge.

I cannot imagine if these 80 barrels of oils and fats were not removed out from my body by Tunya Detox Program, I would be in very serious trouble anytime, even now!

Now, here is a New and Happy Keay, weight about 70kg and height 1.79m, I have a Stress-Free and Relaxed Heart (no pressure) and my medical check-up in August 2018 showed that I am in Good Health Condition at age of close to 60 years old. (Photo attached – Keay at PauAk Myanmmar)

The guidance from Arjarn Kob and Tunya Detox Program have proved to keep me healthy!

C H Keay

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