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The Tanya Samui Detox Program

The Tanya Detox Program is designed by Khun Kob, creator & owner, and has been offered to over 50,000 people over the last 8 years.

The program can alleviate and control many chronic diseases, with people having been treated for high blood pressure, diabetes, fatty liver, obesity, all conditions which later can become cancer, Parkinson, rheumatoid, osteoporosis and another variety of health conditions that people may encounter in their live.

An unhealthy diet including flour, gluten, fried foods and other processed foods, excessive consumation of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products are the main causes of fatty liver, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases and more.
These are cravings of the human body that we need to avoid and try to diminish. A full body detoxification program is an important first step to a healthy body and mind.

The cornerstones of our program



Our programs are focused on cleaning out your gallbladder, liver,lower intestines and colon. 

The herbs and supplements that we offer you, are 100% natural and will assist your body to cleanse itself from toxins and other harmful residues that are coagulated in your body.  

Your supplements regime includes:

  • Lidtox (Herbal Supplement for detoxing)
  • Enzymes for nurturing the body
  • Tamarind Juice (which acts as a natural diuretic, mixed with the enzymes)
  • Epsom Salts & Lime Juice (to heighten the production of bile from your gallbladder)
  • Oliver Oil, Orange Juice and Pineapple Juice drinks (for liver cleansing)
  • Herbal Teas & Vegetable Broths

The Program Schedule

Your daily program consists of health treatments and herbal detox supplements to assist your body in cleansing itself.

On the first 2 days, you will start with a daily regimen of detoxification supplements (including Lidtox, Tamarind Juice, Enzymes, Vitamins and herbal teas.

You will also do a daily Foot and Face Spa in the morning & Oil Pulling.

During your fast, you will not ingest any solid foods. You will have a vegetable broth/soup daily to assist with your fasting. We also offer alkaline water which you can drink daily. During your detox, it is advised to drink copious amounts of water to enhance the circulation of fluids in your body and extract toxins.

On your 3rd day until the end of your program, you will also have Epsom Salts and an Olive Oil and Citric Juices drink added to your daily regimen. This drink will help to expel gallstones and liver stones from your gallbladder and liver.

You will also start doing enemas from your 3rd day onwards. Enemas assist with the cleansing of your colon and excrete built up fats and other residue that is clogged up in your body.

You will be asked to do the enema and release the water and expelled residue in a plastic bucket which is set up for you in the enema room.

Once you are done with your enema, you close the bucket, add your name to it (on a little sticker on the lid) and have the contents checked by Khun Kob.

This procedure is aptly called Checking of the Bucket. Khun Kob will be able to tell you what has come out of your body and what you need to do further.

As unconventional as this may sound, Khun Kob will give you more insight on her methods during her daily workshops and presentations, telling more about her story, her experiences and past health issues that made her to create and get involved in the Tanya Detox Program.

With over 8 years of offering this program and over 45,000 people joined, with unimaginable results, this program is definitely worth trying for everybody that wishes to improve their health and lifestyle.

For more information about the daily schedule, please get in touch with us, and we will happily assist you further ! 

Are you ready to improve your health?

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